Dear Rev. Fathers


With reference to the above captioned matter, I am hereby requesting your attention and guidance on the pending National AZADCC extended Executive meeting. Below are some agenda items and their justifications. 

  1. Constitutional Review Works: What is the way forward? The review has been done. Thanks to Frs. Albert Sakala and Christian Muselela. What do we do now in readiness for approval the National Conference to be held next year in Kabwe Diocese? Is there some input that the extended national executive team can contribute? If so then the reviewed document needs to be sent to all the Local Associations for familiarization so that they are able to bring out issues concerning the constitution in the forthcoming meeting. Do we need to incorporate Fr. Albert Sakala and Fr. Christian Muselela in all the stages or we are done with them?
  • On-Going Formation Workshops for AZADCC Members: One of the key activities for this year is to conduct on-going formation seminars for AZADCC members but our applications for funding have not received positive replies and our local coffers can’t just support it. Are there alternatives even as we continue asking and searching for financial resources?
  • Practical Solidarity: Currently all of us belong to a number of social groupings and make contributions towards birthdays and funerals. How much of that is taking place in our AZADCC circles? Fr. Elias Muma can take this item up during the meeting.
  • Updates on 2024 Conference Preps by Kabwe AZADCC: There is need for our colleagues from Kabwe to share with us how they are faring with regards to preparations for the 19th National AZADCC Conference to be held in Kabwe next year. The National office should join hands with the hosting diocese in making this presentation.
  • National Treasurer Desk: The National Treasure will need present a brief picture of our financial status. The briefing should include things such as:
  • Investment and IGA Activities
  • Membership Fee collection
  • Stanchart Bank AZADCC Account
  • Challenges and way forward
  • Brief reports from Local Associations on:
  • Investment and IGAs
  • Retreat, Recollections and AZADCC Meetings
  • Social/Recreation Activities
  • Local AZADCC Membership
  • Challenges

As National Executive we need to communicate the dates and prepare logistics for either virtual or physical meeting. We also need to keep our house in order before going into the National extended meeting. Local Associations should also be timely informed about the information required from them by the national office so that they come prepared for the meeting.

We need to meet as National executive to furnish ourselves with what has transpired and what we anticipate going forward. I will await your guidance on way with regard to the issues I have raised about.

Your kind and prompt response will be highly appreciated. I wish you God’s abundant blessings!

Fraternally yours in Christ,

Rev. Fr. Sydney Lubinda

AZADCC National Organizing Secretary